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Why Batchez Vegan Snacks?

Whether you are a devoted vegan, or just someone curious about the benefits of plant based foods, you deserve to hear our story for launching a line of vegan protein snacks.  As a small business committed to creating fresh food, every decision that we make has an impact on our future and our customers lives. 


The momentum to make vegan snacks, actually started before the “decision” to make vegan snacks.  Long before Batchez was launched our founder Geoff had a vision that Batchez would stand for the freshness and wholesomeness that comes from making food in small batches.  Not from factories.   Part of that vision also meant that Batchez would have the ability to make small batches of specialty foods.  We knew that there had to be a better way to serve people faced with nutritional health restrictions or special dietary needs.


So as we sat and discussed all the specialty snacks that we could make, it came to our attention how many vegans we had in our circle of friends.  Both Geoff and I are firm believers in the benefits of plant based foods and plant based diets.  “Dozens and dozens of studies show that eating more fruits and vegetables can dramatically decrease rates of cancer, diabetes, and circulatory disease.”  Beyond your health, the food industry has a tremendous impact on our plant and “diet deserves to be acknowledged as probably the most effective way for most of us to protect the environment.”  These quotes and a more in depth exploration of the subject can be found here on


From many conversations with our vegan friends we knew that one of their most common complaints was the lack of good tasting vegan protein bars.   That feedback was all we needed to formulate our next challenge, a delicious tasting vegan protein snack.


Challenges, ideas and ambitions are great.  But food success stories really come together in the kitchen, not the drawing board.  We knew that our traditional protein snack recipes would provide the basis for good vegan snacks.  Each recipe would only require a few substitute ingredients to make them fully vegan.  As any good chef or baker knows, replacing one or two ingredients can entirely disrupt what was once a great dish.   So over the course of about 6 months we have been working hard on perfecting the subtle details of our vegan snacks.  In some cases, we have added new ingredients to help accentuate spices or flavors that were not able to maintain their character from the original recipe.  In other cases, it took us experimenting with many “vegan friendly” substitute ingredients, until finally finding success.  You can see our line-up of vegan snacks and ingredients here.


So whether you are a devoted vegan, or just ready to make plant based eating more integral to your diet, we hope that some of our inspiration can inspire you to eat healthier without sacrificing taste.

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