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The Batchez Story

Batchez was launched in 2018, but our roots go back almost ten years. It was at that time that founder Geoff Squires realized that what he consumed right before his workouts was the most important factor to reach his peak performance.  He quickly discovered that there were very few products that were all natural, and able to give him lasting energy. Most importantly, nothing tasted very good. In that moment, Geoff began formulating our very first product, the nutrient and protein rich Peanut Butter Chew. Inspiration for the Peanut Butter Chew came from Geoff's days in middle school where he and friends ate Peanut Butter Chews at the school cafeteria.

Batchez Peanut Butter Chew and Honey

Finally in 2018 Geoff was able to leave his corporate career and focus on bringing his recipes to the world. Geoff had learned that the packaged food industry seemed stuck in a singular model - mass production in order to get in as many stores as possible.  This constrained the ingredients to those that could be processed enough to be shelf stable for long periods of time.  Everyone was consuming the same “mass produced” product. Understanding that consumers lacked options when it came to fresh, healthy, and delicious protein rich food, Geoff and co-founder Ryan Campbell created Batchez

Batchez Co-founders

The Founders of Batchez

Geoff Squires – CEO & Co-founder. Head chef behind the magic of Batchez, Geoff is a self-professed fitness geek. It is this passion that drove him almost ten years ago to start working on recipes for Batchez. When he isn’t in the gym or giving out sample snacks, you can probably find Geoff preparing for his next big dinner party with friends.

Ryan Campbell - Co Founder. Marketing maniac and jack of all trades, Ryan has a passion for sports and conditioning.  For over twenty years he has been an avid hockey player.   When Ryan isn’t out on the ice, or sharing samples of our snacks, you can probably find him with his young family.

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