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Preparing food in small batches is not necessarily new, or unique.  Food that is meant to be consumed fresh is generally made in small batches.  Think about the best bakery you've been to or your favorite craft beer.  Our concept at Batchez simply combines timeless recipes with today's healthiest ingredients to deliver you delicious, fresh, nutrient rich food.  We believe our philosophy ensures that you get the right things, that matter most for a healthy body:

Batchez Brownie with Ice Cream

Our food is A union between ingredients and the manner in which the human body consumes calories and protein over short and long periods of time.

We are freshly prepared food.  "Born-on" and "Best-before" dates help ensure you aren't getting food that is meant to sit in warehouses or on store shelves for months or even years.

Batchez Brownie made wtih real chocolate

No preservatives, sugar substitures or "natural flavors" - just top tier ingredients from suppliers who strive for positive social impact and use sustainable methods.

Our process  involves multiple steps, and classic cooking techniques .  We believe that great tasting, nutritious food can also be convenient. 

Batchez Peanut Butter Chew and nuts

The Future of Nutrient-Rich Foods

Convenience foods  have fallen into a singular model that prioritizes long shelf life over using real food.  Its become "perception" and "volume" instead of "taste" and "texture".  Consumers lack options when it comes to fresh, healthy, and delicious protein rich foods.  Our food is still made in a real kitchen, with ingredients high in antioxidant and nutitional values.

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